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Meet our male device Kiiroo SVir!

Two extraordinary devices and one platform.

Creating one unique online experience.

Feel what your girlfriend feels... in real time...

anywhere in the world!

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Our female device Kiiroo Opue!

Pleasure your boyfriend, while you are in

total control of his device!

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See, hear and feel each other on our platform

even when you are miles apart.


Kiiroo OPue

Kiiroo Opue’s capacitive touch registers depth and speed of penetration and send this information in real time to the Kiiroo SVir which gives him the feeling of real time intercourse.
Kiiroo Opue has a built-in vibrator so you can both enjoy this long distance adventure.

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Kiiroo OPue
Kiiroo SVir

Kiiroo SVir

The ultimate remote controlled sex toy enabling intimate touch over long distances or in the same room.
Kiiroo SVir receives OPue’s sense data in real time and which will simulate penetration and it mirrors Kiiroo Opue’s every move.

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Kiiroo Platform

Both devices give access to Kiiroo’s platform where you can enjoy the Kiiroo teledildonics experience.
Kiiroo’s platform is strictly separated in two areas, Kiiroo Couples and Kiiroo Social.
Kiiroo Couples will have a simple Skype-like connection where you can have one-on-one intimate connection without being disturbed.
Kiiroo Social’s interface has social media modules where you can meet new people and experience the full capabilities of the Kiiroo’s devices.

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Kiiroo Platform



Several reason to buy a Kiiroo device

We are working hard to give you an awesome experience.

Kiiroo SVir

Kiiroo is for anyone who wants to be close with someone, but can’t.

Kiiroo is the closest you can get to a physical connection with someone over the internet.

Kiiroo is for the tech-savvy adventurous man or women, who want to experience the latest in teledildonics.

With Kiiroo you can meet new people on Kiiroo Social and be intimate with them



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    Kiiroo Brings '3rd Dimension" to Digital Intimacy


    This will change sex in cyberspace forever!

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